iChoose MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card
About iChoose

We are not a financial institution, so we don’t think like one. iChoose was born with one purpose in mind, to give anyone a reward that has a real impact for both the recipient and the company. With a heritage in strategic marketing, iChoose was conceived by one of the leading strategic marketing and behavioural change companies in the Asia Pacific.

Since its launch in 2005, iChoose has been a leader of corporate loaded open loop prepaid products. Our history and achievements are a true testament to our success. We have been a category evangelist and our experience and learning's have helped build a strong reward offer.

We are continually driving product developments and innovations to ensure that iChoose cards will remain a leader. Our continued investment in innovation and product development ensures iChoose will remain a leader in corporate prepaid.

iChoose Milestones

In February 2005 iChoose launched into the Australian market and has since issued in excess of 1,000,000 cards.

December 2008 saw iChoose launch a New Zealand dollar prepaid card, leading the way in the New Zealand incentive industry.

In 2013 iChoose has launched both a Singapore dollar and an Indian Rupee prepaid card. The first open loop prepaid card to be focused solely on rewards and incentives within these markets.